Technical Debt is Deceptively Costly to Organizations, CompTIA Research Shows

Friday, November 17th, 2023

The ability to use technology strategically and apply cybersecurity controls effectively is impacted when organizations accumulate too much technical debt and fail to rein in "cowboy IT" practices, a survey by CompTIA, the nonprofit association for the tech industry and workforce, reveals. 

Technical debt, which accrues when vital best practices steps are skipped during the creation of an IT solution, is a challenge for 74% of organizations, including 42% that say it is a significant obstacle, according to CompTIA's survey of 523 IT professionals. An even higher percentage of organizations (78%) are negatively impacted by cowboy IT, shadow IT and other ad hoc approaches to technology development and deployment implemented without the involvement of IT teams. 

Stanger cited two examples. Companies that accrue technical debt from the use of unmonitored and unpatched software could become a ransomware victim. Unchecked cowboy IT practices could result in multiple issues, from fines and penalties for failing to comply with privacy regulations, to ransomware attacks and data loss.

There are a number of causes of technical debt and cowboy IT, including underestimating the complexity of technology solutions, and the resource and time requirements it takes to implement them. When generative artificial intelligence (AI) is added to the mix, a majority of IT pros (63%) said it exacerbates the accumulation of technical debt and occurrences of cowboy IT, compared to 32% who said generative AI has improved their situation.

On a positive note, 68% of organizations said improvement of their technology best processes to reduce technical debt and cowboy IT is a high or moderate priority, including these actions.

Improved connection between business and tech implementation

52 %

Better customer experience

48 %

Improved cybersecurity posture

43 %

Improved compliance to external regulations

40 %

The most productive way of tackling conscious technical debt involves iteration on every level of your organization, no matter how large or small. For example, actively manage development teams or service providers so they follow up on any debt that they incur, and budget time to address the issues, Stanger advised.