Lieutenant Governor Duncan to Address Statewide Criminal Data Reporting Failures

Friday, January 28th, 2022

Continuing the conversation on keeping Georgia communities safe through enhanced public safety initiatives, Lt. Governor Geoff Duncan today announced plans to tackle consequential gaps in the state’s criminal record database. The “Criminal Record Responsibility Act,” will be sponsored by Sen. Bo Hatchett (R – Cornelia).
Recognizing the alarming safety implications of a statewide criminal database filled with inaccurate and incomplete records, Lt. Governor Duncan, working with key Senate members, will pursue legislation that streamlines a reliable reporting system while bringing all criminal justice agencies involved in its implementation to the table for input throughout the legislative process.
“As the nation grapples with rising crime, all facets of the judicial system must be properly equipped to respond immediately and effectively,” said Lt. Governor Duncan. “Current reporting data shows unacceptable metrics that pose a major public safety risk for communities. Working with partners across the state, our goal is to establish a framework to solve this issue while also strengthening protections for victims in Georgia.”
“Solving this ongoing issue is critical to keeping our communities and crime victims safe,” said Governor Brian P. Kemp. “When communication breakdowns exist between law enforcement, crime victims, prosecutors, judges, and potential employers, then justice cannot be effectively served. We commend the Lt. Governor, Sen. Hatchett, and others for working to gather input from all stakeholders to improve reporting.”
“Ensuring access to updated criminal records is a crucial public safety issue not only for members of the judicial system, but for potential employers, housing companies and occupational licensing boards who require a criminal background check,” said Sen. Hatchett. “I look forward to working with the Lieutenant Governor’s Office and our partners throughout the building.”