American Veterans Group, Santee Cooper Team Up to Support Military Veterans in South Carolina

Thursday, December 17th, 2020

American Veterans Group and South Carolina's largest provider of electrical power, Santee Cooper, have teamed up to support a Charleston-based foundation that helps military veterans and their families successfully transition back to civilian life.

American Veterans Group has donated $5,000 to the Vantage Point Foundation. The gift will support the participation of eight South Carolina veterans in the foundation's leadership development course. The year-long program facilitates personal growth and provides a path for veterans to translate their military experience and leadership skills to civilian life.

The donation was made possible by Santee Cooper's decision to choose American Veterans Group as an investment banking partner. American Veterans Group is a growing investment banking firm that dedicates 25% of its profits to support veterans causes. The firm, a public benefit corporation, directs its philanthropy to the local communities where it and its clients do business.

"We applaud Santee Cooper's commitment to supporting veterans in their community and are grateful that their finance team recognized the value of partnering with a public benefit corporation like ours," said Ben Biles, co-founder and chief executive officer of American Veterans Group. "By engaging our firm, eight deserving military veterans will directly benefit from the Vantage Point Foundation's outstanding leadership development work."

Veterans participating in the Foundation's leadership development course are provided with complete access to training, resources, and a robust network of support. At the conclusion of the course, participating veterans work with the Foundation's mentors, clinical staff of registered nurses and social worker, and the VPF extended team to pursue professional, educational, volunteer and personal goals.

"The partnership between Santee Cooper and American Veterans Group, and their shared goal of investing in veterans, sets a great example for our community," said Mark Holyfield, executive director of The Vantage Point Foundation. "Furthermore, it signals to the veterans and their families in our program that our community wants to see them succeed as they push forward into civilian life. On behalf of the eight veterans and families that these funds will support, and the VPF Board of Directors thank you for your support."

Earlier this year, American Veterans Group served as a co-manager of a syndicate led by Barclay's Capital Inc. and Bank of America Securities to facilitate a $663.6 million revenue bond issue for Santee Cooper. The donation to the Vantage Point Foundation represents a percentage of the underwriting fees American Veterans Group earned for its role in facilitating the transaction.

"Santee Cooper is pleased to work with American Veterans Group and salutes AVG's contributions to veterans causes around the country, and to Vantage Point Foundation here in Charleston," said Santee Cooper President and CEO Mark Bonsall. "In fact, Santee Cooper got its start supporting the military – our first customer was a local defense contractor supporting the U.S. during World War II. From supporting our own employees and retirees who serve or served in the military, to partnering with firms that support veterans more broadly, Santee Cooper recognizes the enormous sacrifices and contributions veterans have made to keep us safe and our country strong."