ChantsVote Campaign Encourages CCU Students to Vote in Upcoming Presidential Election

Staff Report

Monday, October 5th, 2020

Coastal Carolina University is raising awareness for the upcoming presidential election through an engagement campaign called ChantsVote.

CCU’s Office of Student Life brought the campaign to life with the goal of encouraging the campus community to let their voices be heard. Students, faculty, and staff are encouraged to sign up for a voter registration tool called TurboVote, which is an innovative software platform and implementation program that aims to simplify the voting process.

The 2020 Presidential Election is on Nov. 3; in South Carolina, the last day to register to vote online is Oct. 4, and the last day to register by mail is Oct. 5.

“People are sometimes discouraged from registering to vote because it can be seen as a complicated or confusing process,” said Amelia Carte, CCU’s coordinator for student leader development. “Also, some voting policies differ from state to state, so it can be difficult to find the information that applies to you.”

TurboVote offers its users information about the voter registration process, how to request an absentee ballot to vote by mail, a link to BallotPedia to view a sample ballot and research candidates, and CCU and South Carolina specific information. TurboVote also helps voters stay informed about election changes and voting options in their area by sending them text and email alerts.

“This tool was developed with university students in mind, so instead of absentee voting being the exception, it is at the forefront of the user experience,” said Carte.

If students, faculty, and staff are already registered to vote, ChantsVote still encourages them to sign up for TurboVote. Registered voters will receive messages and updates about important election deadlines and information on how, when, and where to cast their votes.

ChantsVote is also asking the CCU community to spread awareness about the importance of voting by posting on social media and reposting ChantsVote information found on the @ccuinvolved Instagram page.