Peanut Farmers to Donate Peanut Butter to Harvest Hope Food Bank

Staff Report From South Carolina CEO

Wednesday, May 20th, 2020

South Carolina peanut farmers are donating 8,640 jars of peanut butter to Harvest Hope Food Bank.

The six pallets of peanut butter were made by Peanut Proud, a charitable organization sponsored by the peanut industry, and purchased by the South Carolina Peanut Board.

Nutritious and shelf stable, peanut butter is one of the most frequently requested items at food banks.

“South Carolina’s peanut farmers are helping their neighbors during the COVID-19 outbreak with this generous donation,” said Marianne Copelan, marketing specialist with the South Carolina Peanut Board.

“Many families are seeking out this tasty, healthy, nonperishable food during this difficult time, and manufacturers are producing ample amounts of peanut butter to meet high consumer demand.”

Peanuts are one of South Carolina’s most important crops. South Carolina peanut farmers planted 65,000 acres of peanuts that produced 247 million pounds last year. There are more than 475 peanut farms in South Carolina, many of them in the Midlands.