Clemson Begins Distributing Federal Emergency Assistance Funds to Students

Staff Report From South Carolina CEO

Thursday, May 7th, 2020

Clemson University this week is distributing more than $6.5 million in emergency financial assistance received from the federal CARES Act stimulus package last month. Under Clemson’s distribution of these funds, every student with a demonstrated financial need, according to the Free Federal Student Aid Form (FASFA), will receive emergency financial assistance.
The awards will range from $500 to $1,000 depending on the level of need. Students eligible for Pell grants will receive the maximum assistance.
In all, initial emergency grants will be going to approximately 9,000 students who have demonstrated financial need as determined by filling out the FASFA required to establish eligibility for student financial aid.  Clemson has earmarked 97 percent of the federal CARES Act emergency student assistance funds designated for direct student support for immediate release in the initial phase of distributions. The remainder will be used to further support students on an as-needed basis.
Altogether, Clemson students will receive approximately $6.8 million in federal emergency relief assistance through the CARES Act, in addition to the more than $18 million in refunds for housing, dining and other fees previously made by the University.
Clemson’s Board of Trustees voted late last month to freeze all tuition for the upcoming academic year in another effort to assist students and their families hard-hit by the pandemic. Additionally, the University has instituted a hiring freeze, reduced spending in other areas and adopted an initial budget for fiscal year 2021 that freezes overall spending at current levels.