Charleston Stevedoring Company Launches at the Port of Charleston

Staff Report From South Carolina CEO

Tuesday, May 5th, 2020

Marine Terminals Corporation – East (Ports America), Ceres Marine Terminals Inc. (Ceres), and SSA Atlantic LLC (SSA) are pleased to announce they have formed a joint venture company to provide container terminal and stevedoring services in the Port of Charleston in South Carolina. The new joint venture, known as Charleston Stevedoring Company LLC (CSC), will be operational May 4.

Working in close coordination and with the support of South Carolina Ports Authority (SCPA), CSC will enable the most efficient use of the Port of Charleston’s terminal assets and resources dedicated to serving the thriving and growing Southeast market.

“The new entity will provide significant benefits to the Port of Charleston, including improved container terminal services through the consolidated operations at all berths, as well as more efficient vessel turn times and improved equipment utilization,” CSC President Dan Hall said. “The combined company will optimize use of terminal capacity and improve integration between terminal, vessel and gate operations.”

CSC’s mission is to provide a secure, safe and stable environment for its employees, while simultaneously strengthening the Port of Charleston’s position within the global marketplace.

“The Southeast is the best place to be in the port business with both its thriving business sector and growing population boosting imports and exports,” SCPA President and CEO Jim Newsome said. “CSC will enhance the ability to market the Port of Charleston to a broader customer base with a focus on continued growth for this strategic market.”

“As a top 10 U.S. container port, S.C. Ports recognizes its role in ensuring the efficient flow of cargo through the Port of Charleston,” SCPA COO Barbara Melvin said. “CSC will enable more efficient vessel turn times, equipment usage and staffing to handle continued growth of cargo volumes and ship sizes.”