Booe Realty Launches a New, State-of-the-Art Website - Brighter Days Lie Ahead in Myrtle Beach

Staff Report From South Carolina CEO

Tuesday, May 12th, 2020

As South Carolina opens up for the summer, brighter days on the lie ahead with Booe Realty. The Myrtle Beach icon in rentals and real estate has launched a brand-new website, designed for a new era on the Grand Strand. By continuing to improve and invest in their business, Booe Realty seeks to aid the recovery in South Carolina’s beach communities.

“Booe Realty is fully committed to helping Myrtle Beach recover with superior hospitality, modern technology, and high standards of safety,” said Miller Hawkins, Booe Realty’s Owner and President-Elect of the Vacation Rental Management Association (VRMA). “We’re proud of our community and the Booe Crew has worked hard to build a new website that makes life better for our guests, tenants, owners, sellers and buyers.”

In 2020, Myrtle Beach businesses need to adapt to keep people safe and the economy healthy. By launching a new website where people can plan their vacation, search for places to live, and discover real estate investment opportunities, Booe Realty provides a full suite of services in one easy-to-use, engaging website.

With an inventory of over 400 vacation and annual rentals, Booe Realty works with a large cross section of the Myrtle Beach community. From homeowners to vacation guests to families looking to buy real estate, Booe helps residents and visitors plan their future and manage their valuable investments.

“Rebuilding the Myrtle Beach economy will require doing things better,” said Hawkins. “Safety and security are paramount. We also need to improve and support local businesses. We believe in new opportunities and look forward to helping people navigate a new era on the Grand Strand.”