CCU Trustees Approve Library Learning Complex and Student Union Annex

Staff Report From South Carolina CEO

Tuesday, August 13th, 2019

During the Coastal Carolina University board of trustees meeting, the board voted to allow the administration to modify design plans for the anticipated Library Learning Complex.

The proposed 60,000-square-foot facility is being planned in response to needs identified in CCU’s campus Master Plan to create an environment that will encourage experiential learning endeavors while maintaining fiscal responsibility. The center will feature tutoring offices, computer labs, seminar offices and study lounges.

“This facility will have group meeting rooms to allow for student project work,” said David Frost, chief financial officer. “It will have current technology needed by students today that will be designed to encourage creativity and experiential learning. The Coastal Student Success Center will be housed in this space as well, to provide a central area of support for students.” The estimated budget for the proposed project will not exceed $28.5 million, with $20.5 million funded with the penny sales tax for education and $8 million funded by the state’s capital reserve fund.

Construction of a second annex to the Lib Jackson Student Center at a projected cost of $23.5 million was also approved. The original student union was built in 1978, and the first annex was added in 2014. Plans include adding an additional 55,000 square feet to bring the University close to the national standard for area dedicated to student life activities. The annex will include a ballroom with seating capacity for up to 1,000 to allow for lectures and meeting spaces for larger events. This project will also be funded by the penny sales tax for education.

“It is exciting to see the continued commitment of our administration and trustees to our student experience,” said Debbie Conner, vice president for student affairs. “The addition to the Lib Jackson Student Union will allow us to support the many programs, activities and services that support student success.”

The board also approved the renovation of Eaglin Residence Hall, to begin January 2021 at a projected cost of $5 million. Eaglin was built in 2000 and houses 394 students. Renovations will include a new HVAC system, electrical upgrades, updated technology, mass notification systems and interior refurbishment. Similar renovations were recently completed for Ingle Hall, adjacent to Eaglin. These renovations will take place predominantly during the summer as to not adversely affect residential students.

During the meeting, the board also approved David A. Bankston as distinguished professor emeritus and the late Roger Johansen as Distinguished Senior Lecturer.