Emergency Department at Tidelands Georgetown Memorial Hospital Earns National Lantern Award for Excellence

Staff Report From South Carolina CEO

Thursday, July 11th, 2019

The emergency department at Tidelands Georgetown Memorial Hospital has earned the national Lantern Award for its innovative practices and exceptional care provided to patients.

The Emergency Nurses Association presents the award annually to emergency departments that exemplify exceptional practice and innovative performance in leadership, practice, education, advocacy and research. Only a handful of emergency departments across the country are selected to receive the award each year.

“Receiving the prestigious Lantern Award is truly a testament to the emergency department team at Tidelands Georgetown,” said Ashley Capps, associate vice president of nursing operations at Tidelands Health. “This is a visible symbol of our team’s commitment to provide exceptional care to patients.”

Tidelands Georgetown joins the likes of previous award recipients such as Cleveland Clinic in Ohio, UCLA Medical Center and Boston Children’s Hospital. The only other emergency department in South Carolina to have received the award is the Medical University of South Carolina pediatric emergency department in Charleston, which was honored in 2017.

“What an honor to be grouped with some of the most prestigious emergency departments in the country,” said Wendi Kobylarz, clinical director of the emergency department at Tidelands Georgetown. “This award is a reminder to patients that whatever causes them to end up in our emergency department, they will receive exceptional care from a highly skilled team committed to helping them get better.”

The emergency department underwent a rigorous review process to be selected for the three-year award designation. Judges examined the emergency department’s performance and outcome metrics, innovative practices and collaborative approaches that deliver optimal care to patients.

The Emergency Nurses Association will present the Lantern Award to Tidelands Georgetown during the association’s annual conference this fall in Austin, Texas. The award is named in honor of Florence Nightingale, who was referred to as the “Lady of the Lamp” because she brought a lantern with her at night as she tended to wounded British soldiers during the Crimean War.