The North Myrtle Beach Chamber of Commerce, Convention and Visitors Bureau Announces a New Name and a New Logo

Monday, November 30th, 2020

North Myrtle Beach Chamber of Commerce, Convention and Visitors Bureau announced today that, they are changing their name. The new name – Destination NMB – evokes the type of desirable community North Myrtle Beach is today and aspires to be in the future – a tourism destination. The use of NMB as the initials shortens the name and will be used in the organization’s name and logo while keeping the Explore North Myrtle Beach logo for consumer advertising to attract visitors.

During the name change discovery process the hope to shorten the name and differentiate ourselves from neighboring communities in the Grand Strand were identified early as positive moves. “Shortening the name and using the initials NMB is modern, forward‐thinking, and appealing” said Mendel Bell, board chair. “The use of NMB speaks to our location, differentiates our community, and is approachable. This is what the work group felt that was important” Bell continued.

What is in a name? Are we still the Chamber of Commerce? These are the questions expected to be asked and answered as the announcement reaches the dues paying business investor/partners. “We are still the chamber, we are also the destination marketing organization and now we have a shorter, direct name that encompasses both” stated Cheryl Y. Kilday, CDME, President and CEO of Destination NMB.

The artwork for the new logo was developed by the Miles Partnership, Destination NMB’s agency of record. The team at Miles Partnership worked with the marketing committee and a small work group to develop a logo that expresses the style and creates an impression about the organization. The new logo is called Carolina Classic and uses a font that is timeless along with integrating the South Carolina Palmetto and crescent as part of the ‘N’ in NMB.

“The name defines our mission, advancing prosperity for the community of North Myrtle Beach which is achieved through being a must visit destination” stated Mendel Bell, board chair.

The installation of the new name will occur over the next few months with stationery, cards, email addresses, signage, and other items on the list for revisions.